Linux, DevOps, Cloud, and Programming tutorial videos, ranging from basic Linux commands for beginners to practical programming and cloud infrastructure projects using modern tooling.

I've been a professional Sysadmin, Web Developer DevOps engineer, Web Security Engineer, Datacenter Architect, and Site Reliability Engineer for over 10 years (not exactly in that order). I started making these videos for a friend who was trying to learn the skills he needed to start a tech career. Since then, I've expanded to cover even more topics, tools, theory, practical projects, and career advice.

I try to have a balanced mix of theory and practice, because neither extreme -- extreme theory and extreme practicality -- is useful:

- it's useless to know a bunch of commands without understanding the system underneath, and
- it's also useless to understand how everything works theoretically while being unable to apply any of that knowledge to solve real problems.


I'm back!

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